Financial Planning

Sit back, relax and start enjoying your retirement…

We do financial planning a little differently. We collaborate with our clients to empower them to make smart choices with their money. We do this by building a lifetime roadmap that can be used to help them make all the important decisions in retirement. Whether its related to investments, taxation, income, insurance or wills/trusts, our clients are confident they are being guided in the right direction.  And, we are there to help them every step of the way. Click on the video to learn more.

We utilize the The Bucket Plan® Process to create a client’s unique financial plan. This process provides peace of mind by helping reduce one of the biggest risks in retirement – running out of money.  The Bucket Plan® strategically coordinates the client’s money so that they have access to reliable income right now, a few years down the road and later in life. Throughout the process, we educate our clients on each bucket so that they have a complete understanding  of their plan and how it will work for them. Click on the video to learn more.