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Tax Preparation & Planning

Reduce your overall tax burden now and in the future.

At Infinity Tax & Wealth Management, we do taxes. More importantly, we do tax planning, and we distinguish ourselves from other investment advisors by specializing in helping you avoid overpaying taxes.

Throughout the year, we work with you to offer planning strategies that consider your entire tax and investment picture. Proactively managing your yearly tax strategy ensures you’re taking full advantage of all the ever-changing tax laws and deductions, which ultimately reduces your overall tax burden both now AND in the future.

We use proprietary software to calculate lifetime taxes for you and your spouse and then build scenarios to demonstrate how taxes can be mediated. One of the biggest missed taxes is the increase in Medicare premiums, called IRMAA (income related monthly adjustment amount). Our process addresses this and all other areas of unforeseen taxes.

This might sound like a lot of work, but our team of skilled and certified public accountants will handle most of the heavy lifting. In addition, our wealth management clients are taken through a seven-step tax reduction process called the Tax Management Journey℠. Steps on this journey include:

  • Roth conversions
  • Deferring taxes
  • Tax efficient withdrawal strategies
  • Charitable and gifting strategies
  • Tax deduction bunching
  • Social security tax reduction
  • Family gifting
  • Avoiding marginal tax traps
  • Donor advised funds

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Leann Fitzgerald

Administrative Assistant

Leann joined the firm in 2020. She has over 10 years of hospitality and administrative experience and attended Appalachian State University.

In addition to being Theresa’s right hand woman, Leann is one of the first points of contact for new and existing clients. It is important to her to provide each person with a great experience, and she achieves this through genuine client interactions and assisting with behind-the-scenes happenings that help the firm grow and keep the office running smoothly.

Outside of work Leann loves to spend time with her husband John and their two dogs, Simon and Bonnibel. They enjoy camping, eating good food, playing lawn games, and spending time with family and friends.